Arsenal Predictions 2013-2014

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Arsenal predictions for 2013-2014 season has remained profound and unique. There are series of questions rolling from every nook and corner. Can Arsenal mounts a serious title challenge this season? Will the emirates be positively affected by the introduction of fresh transfer? All these and more have remained the nagging inquisitions following Arsenal predictions for 2013-2014 season. Reading through this article captions will help you discover the secret and success that Arsenal profess to achieve in the 201-14 season.

Arsenal has been offline since the past 8 years and things look like changing in the 2013-14 season. The present season look promising for the emirates as they come back to active football. There is an enviable and potential infrastructure surround Arsenal football team at the moment. Predictions have been affirmed that Arsenal are now able to compete at the high-level of the transfer market. Though, for several years, the team has traded below expectation and rising to a promising and comely start for the 2013-14 season. Well, making a conclusion on the verbosity of Arsenal claim in the transfer market cannot be accepted until 3 week’s time. This is because the transfer bid is still on and will take a better shape of decision in the upcoming weeks. With the same feeling, Arsenal’s fortune can be predicted for the coming in less than a week. Introducing France Under – 20 stricker Yaya Sanogo has made many fans pick back their hope of anxiety.

With the present situation of the Arsenal squad, if nothing is done prior to commencement of the new season, it will be hard to perform greatly. They will rather pick up the attitude of getting qualification through struggles to the Champions League. From research and visibility study, Arsenal’s closest contender Tottenham has picked up greatly to remain in the first 4 place in English league. For this reason, the struggle for Champions League qualification looks blink and shabby.

The head coach, Asene Wenger, has taking time to understand the area of his team that needed upgrade. Though, he thinks playing it hard will still work fine in the upcoming season. He is playing games in term of financial issues concerning buying new shirts for the emirate. History record that rarely has strikers been found available during the summer period. For this reason, Asene Wenger may be joking with the success of his team, if nothing is done at this crucial moment. Every team is looking forward to aim better in the new season and Arsenal. Though, Arsenal tried getting Gonzalo Higuain not until he finally negotiated for Napoli. The Argentine has to kick his way to Napoli when Arsenal fail to pay the fees of contract. The only hope for Arsenal is to get a perfect alternative or rather face the consequences of failure. Where is the faith of the gunners? Will they continue contemplating on selecting the best players for the 2013 – 2014 season? The life of Arsenal depend on the transfer market or introducing new players. From this article captions, the comprehensive details of Arsenal predictions for 2013-2014 season can be affirmed.

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